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DIHACKERS Claimed the spot of the World Best Full Phone Cloning Software because only this team gives access to target phones without touching, jail-breaking or rooting . Access is given with only the Target Phone Numbers . DIHACKERS offers it’s services Globally which made it the most trusted by Customers Worldwide , DIHACKERS has rendered her services to a total of 129698 people all over the world , with a success rate of 90% . 
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Here is a list of all the features of this Cloning  that you can use while Cloning a Phone


Note: The hacks is undetectable

Note: You don’t need to touch the target phone to gets it hacked all you need is just the target tel number

(1)Virus –A virus can be sent into the target phone in two ways through a text or a call


Hack with Sms -Firstly   the target phone Sms history will be viewed and favorite Sms number carrier will be used to send a virus Sms into the target phone , immediately the Sms is clicked this automatics activated the virus into the target phone 

Hack with Phone call-Firstly we are going  to view the  target phone call log and call the target phone with the target phone Favorite caller courier . immediately the target phone picks the call automatically the virus is updated on the target phone 

(2)Mobile malware – Mobile Malware is activated on the target Phone .(Mobile Malware –is malicious software specifically written to attack mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. 

(3)Spyware Bug –Spyware is malicious software that spies on a user. It may record keystrokes (i.e. key-logger) such as user names and passwords, track user activity on the internet, or activate the camera or microphone on a computer to see or hear what the user is doing. The Spyware Hack the target phone Firmware .

Hacking the firmware makes the phone works like a dual phone every information from the target phone  into the mirror phone (your phone) 

Firmware refers to the applications and operating system that control how a Smartphone operates

GPS Tracker
When it comes to Cloning, GPS Tracker cannot be left behind. With this , you can get a real-time GPS location. And not just that, you will be able to view the site on Google Map, which will help you get accurate details about the address. You will get features like address, date, time, longitude & latitude. You will also be able to check the previous locations. This way, you can check if your kids are really at school or hanging around.

Sms Cloning
SMS Cloning  features help you to keep a tab on all the text messages exchanged from a phone. You can check all the sent ,Deleted as well as received messages. All the messages will be available with date & time stamps. You can even check the media that is exchanged on SMS.

Cloning Calls
Cloning Calls feature is the core feature of all monitoring . With cloning calls, you can track call logs on the target phone without laying a finger . You can check details about all the incoming and outgoing calls along with missed calls. Moreover, you will get detailed information about each call duration, time of the call, contact information and also listen during calls conversation etc. You can set alerts to receive a notification if a call from a specific number is made.

Call Recording
Call recording features helps you to record all the calls on a phone. Every call made from a phone or received on the phone will be duly recorded. When you don’t have time to listen to live recordings, you can save the recorded call and listen to it later on.

Ambient Voice Recording
With this feature, you can record the surrounding voices. You can set a timer to record the sounds at a particular time. It will help to remotely switch on the microphone and record all the conversations and sounds around the phone. You can then listen o these recordings.

WhatsApp Cloning
You can monitor the WhatsApp installed on the Target phone without touching just with the target phone number only. All the activities will be tracked and uploaded on the dashboard. You can track WhatsApp calls and chats with this feature. You can check all the previous conversations as well including Deleted Whatsapp Conversations

Track Browsing History
You can also track the browsing history of the Target phone. Moreover, you will get details of all the visited sites from the phone browser. You can check the name of the site that is visited along with the date and time. However, you can track internet usage and time spent on each site.

Multimedia Files
When a Phone is cloned you can check all the multimedia files shared on the phone. Moreover, you can open the gallery and check all the images and videos stored inside the phone. You can also check the screenshots and downloaded the media.

Snapchat Cloning
When a phone is cloned h, you can track all the activities of the Snapchat app on the phone. You can follow all the messages and media exchanges. All the data is available with date, time, and profile information. You can open each message and read the content as well.

Facebook Cloning
When a phone is cloned access to Facebook is also given this helps you to track the activities on Facebook. You can check all the private messages exchanges using this platform and also deleted facebook Conversation. You can check the content of each message along with profile information and date & time stamps.

Viber Spy
When a phone is cloned access to  Viber is also given, you can track all the messages sent and received on the Viber app. You can check every message content along with the date and time. You can even follow the call logs on Viber.

Skype Cloning
When a phone is cloned access to  Skype is also given, you can track all the Skype activities. You can check all the voice call logs and video call logs on Skype. All the information will be available with date and time. You can check the message sent from Skype along with contact information and also deleted information.
  • Contact History
You  get all the contact information from the address book when a phone is cloned. With this feature, you can open the address book on a phone and check all the contact details. You can check the name, number, address, email id, and photo of the contact saved in the phone book.

Apps Installed
After a phone is cloned , you can track all the apps that are installed inside a phone. You can get usage details of the app. Moreover, you can also check which apps are installed and installed from the phone along with the date, time, and name of the app. You can even block specific apps on the phone by using the remote control.
These are the most  features of  a Dihacker Full Phone Cloning . All these features work in stealth mode so that you won’t get caught while Viewing The Target Phone Activities.
We are going to provide you with a Spyware bug that will give you access to all activities on the target phone including all deleted, current and new text messages and also messages from all social media accounts including deleted, current and new from all social media accounts the target phone is active on such as Whats App, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, email, Telegram, Pinterest, WeChat etc.
And also you will be able to listen to voice clips of phone calls made and receive.
You can also delete any files from the target phone or messages from it straight from your Phone
Get started today by calling/Text +1-601-663-2162. Or Send us a mail
Note: Our services are paid for and we accept 60% payment before we get the job done and 40% after we get the job done
Note: you don’t need to touch the phone before you get it hacked all you need to gets it hacked is the tel number
Note: our Spywarebug works in all part of the world
Note—The hack is highly undetectable
It has a user-friendly, aesthetic, and intuitive interface.
Meets all your phone number tracking needs.
Monitoring setup can be completed in a couple of minutes.
No need to install an app on the target device.
Does not require you to jailbreak the target device.
Does not steal your information.
Provides professional technical support all the year-round 24/7
Step by Step Guide to Operate Spywarebug
Step 1: Initially, you have to click the link you receive and download the Spywarebug and install it
Step 2: After installation, you create an account on the Spywarebug
Step 3: Then, click on the Blue button namely show a demo
Step 4: After you watched the Demo and you understand how to operate the Spywarebug
Step5: Insert the Target number in a column provided and click the green box named Synchronized.
Step 6: The Synchronization will take 1hr don’t switch off the phone during Synchronization
Step 7: After the Synchronization is done all activities of the target phone will be displayed and you click on what to view
Step 8: To listen to voice clips of phone calls made and receive you have to the left side of your profile and click record a call and send notifications.
Step 9: you will receive notifications for all activities on the target iPhone including records of phone calls made and receive.
Note for any questions or more guidelines contact back
Note: There’s no need to worry about being near the device to view the activity after installation because activities are viewable using any web browser, even a Mac or Phone web browser
Note: This Spywarebug link will be sent to you 1hour after confirmation of your payment. Get started today by calling/Text +1-601-663-2162. Or Send us a mail 
Kindly use the Livechat widget for any assistance 
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